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In America, a number of artists are currently working in a spiritual mode... they see art as a quest, a devotional activity that can change the artist, the viewer and life as we know it. Beth Ames Swartz, is one of these artists.

                                                                         -John Perreault 1988

Beth Ames Swartz is a contemporary visual artist whose life and art have been shaped by physical landscape; social environment; and religious, philosophical and aesthetic expressions of culture. 

Her life serves as an inspiration for others to achieve a life of purpose. She is intent on making a difference in the world by championing deeper understandings of self, the sacredness of life, and positive human values. 

A half hour documentary-style film titled “Beth Ames Swartz / Reminders of Invisible Light” will encourage you to look in the rear-view mirror to see where you’ve been, what got you to where you are, and to plunge into achieving a purposeful life filled with healing, courage and love.