The film was completed in 2016 and it is called " Beth Ames Swartz / Reminders of Invisible Light" and is 28 minutes and 48 seconds. Our film team is very grateful to all our donors who are listed below. The film will be shown on Arizona / PBS and they also are the Presenting Station nationally in conjunction with NETA ( National Education Television Association ) for PBS stations in the United States. 

Thank You for Donating to Our Film

Vanessa and Ian Lopatin, Spiritual Gangster

Nikal and Robert Conti

Margo Berger

Liz and Martin Mathers

Linda and Sherman Saperstein

Robert H Tamis, MD

Diane and Gary Tooker

Giovanna and Bruce N. Ames

Betty Barber-Hughes and Jerre Lynn Vanier

Carol Barmore

Rachel Wohl Blank

Dale and Marshall Block

Susan Bondy

Jude Miller Burke

Anne and Don Burton

Cindie Hubiak

Douglas A. Jorden, P.C.

Jane and Malcolm Jozoff

Mitzi Krockover, MD and Jacque Sokolov, MD

Ann Mason

Jo Norris, RIM Institute

Valerie and Herschel Richter

Karen Riley

Ann B Ritt Charitable Foundation

Janet and Roger Robinson

Laura and Herb Roskind

Arlene and Mort Scult

Carol and Ken Seidberg

Ruby Senie

Edna and Art Sitelman

Jada P. Smith

Eugenia and Benjamin Sucher

Gay F Wray

Caralee Allsworth

Jean and Donald Altshuler

Linda and Lee Cohn

Elva and Lattie Coor

Wendy and Michael Cummiskey

Sarah Dutton

Arlene and Glenn Friedman

Angela and Gerard Hallier

Janis and Ben Harris

Debe Harvey

Linda Herold

Nori Homco and Mike Hawksworth

Linda Ingraham

Karen and Gabor Jilly

Ruth Ketay

Jaswan T. Khalsa

Ellen Lemer Korney

Jan Krulik-Belin and Jim Belin

Sandi Levin

Sylvia A Levin

LPL Financial

Arthur Nielsen

Peri Nielsen

Teresa Ramsey N.M.D.

Ellen S Schmalholz

Nancy and Stuart Siefer

Carol Swagel

Carolyn Szatkowski

Joy Tash

Trish Turpin and Steve Ackerman

Linda C Waterman

Alice Adams-Sax

Roger D Adelson

Apryl and Ken Allen

Matteo Ames

Nancy Azara and Darla Bjork

Sara Reinstein Becker

Rebecca Bergman

Susan Berk

Sam Campagna

Max Chandler

Laura Ladrigan Cobb

Crystal Daigle

Scarlett Decker

Angela Ellsworth and Tania Katan

Kim Engert

Florence and Arthur Farkas

Suzi Gablik

Ellen Giddins

Vanessa Goldberg

Estelle Gracer

Francine Hardaway

Lila M Harnett

John Haworth

Billie Jo Herberger

Adrienne Jenik

Sarah Kriehn

Ruth and Bob Landauer

Bradley Lavin

Carolyn Lavender

Arthur J Levy

Marianne Love-Coppola

Brooke Mallory

Cionne L McCarthy

Mary Menacker

Ann Morton

Eden Peter

Nancy and Dale Reinker

Patricia Sannit

Patricia Schlapp

Sheila Schwartz

Patricia and Richard Sell

Ken Sheetz

Diane Silver

Vicki Stouffer

Anne Taylor

Anabelle and Reilly Thomson

Elena and James Thornton

Ellen Wagener

Mary Westheimer and Kevin Caron

Debbie and Richard Wholey

Sherrie Zeitlin and Ron Landon

Stanton S. Perry

John D. Rothschild



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On behalf of everyone on the film team, thank you!